On the evening of May 10, 2024, the Oakland Athletics will go head-to-head with the Seattle Mariners in a compelling AL West showdown at T-Mobile Park, starting at 9:40 PM under scattered clouds. Paul Blackburn, with a solid ERA of 3.000, will take the mound for the Athletics, while the Mariners will counter with Bryan Woo, who has maintained a perfect ERA of 0.000 so far this season.

In the current standings within the 2024 AL West Division, the Athletics are positioned 11th with a record of 18-21, reflecting a winning percentage of .460. They hold a divisional record of 3-4, placing them third in the division, and have recently posted six wins in their last ten games, though currently on a one-loss streak. At home, they have struggled slightly with 10 wins to 13 losses, and away they have a balanced record of 8-8. The team’s performance during daylight games stands at 11 wins against 7 under the lights, with total runs scored standing at 154 and 182 runs allowed.

Conversely, the Mariners are ranked 7th in the division with a slightly better record of 20-18, translating to a .526 winning percentage. They are 4-2 within the division, ranked second, and have five wins in their recent set of ten games, though they are currently facing a two-game losing streak. Seattle has maintained a stronger record at home with 11-8 and a slight deficit on the road (9-10). Their prowess in night games is notable, securing 16 victories against 4 day-time wins. The team has scored 139 runs this season, while conceding 137.

Turning to the betting odds for this matchup, the point spread is set at -1.5 and the Over/Under is predicted at 7.5. Bettors favoring the visiting Athletics can take advantage of the money line at +123, whereas the Mariners are favored slightly more with a money line of -148. These odds suggest a tight contest, potentially favoring the Mariners, especially given their slightly better season performance and home-field advantage.