On the evening of May 13, 2024, at T-Mobile Park, the Kansas City Royals are scheduled to clash with the Seattle Mariners, beginning at 9:40 PM under an overcast sky. Brady Singer will lead the pitching for the Royals, entering the game with an impressive ERA of 2.365, while George Kirby will take the mound for the Mariners, carrying an ERA of 4.154.

The Royals currently sit 4th in the 2024 AL Central Division with a record of 25 wins and 17 losses, giving them a winning percentage of 0.60. They are 2nd in the division with an 8-5 record in division games. Their performance shows strength with 6 wins in their last 10 games and a current win streak of one game. Their success includes 15 home wins against 8 losses, whereas their road record is slightly closer at 10 wins to 9 losses. They shine in night games with 15 wins compared to 10 daytime victories, having scored 194 runs and allowed 145.

On the other hand, the Mariners are placed 6th in the AL West Division, holding a slightly weaker record of 22 wins against 19 losses, corresponding to a 0.54 winning percentage. They top their division rivals in the record of 6-3. Out of their last 10 games, they have secured 5 wins, maintaining a win streak. Their home game record stands at 13-9, with road games trailing at 9-10. The Mariners have a notably stronger performance during night games at 17 wins compared to 5 in the day, scoring 156 runs while conceding 150 in total.

Focusing on betting odds for this matchup, the PointSpread is set at -1.5, with an OverUnder at 7.0. For those looking to wager, the Away Team Money Line is 124, favoring the Royals, whereas the Home Team Money Line for the Mariners is set at -148. These odds indicate a slight favor towards the Mariners at home, despite their inconsistent performance, making for an intriguing betting scenario.