The Kansas City Royals are set to battle the Seattle Mariners at T-Mobile Park on May 15, 2024, with the first pitch at 4:10 PM under partly cloudy skies. Pitching for the Royals will be Alec Marsh, who comes into the game with a commendable ERA of 2.531. His counterpart, Bryan Woo of the Mariners, starts with an impeccable ERA of 0.000.

In the American League Central Division standings, the Royals are currently fourth, sporting a 26-18 record, a .590 winning percentage, and a 2nd place rank within their division based on an 8-5 record. They’ve snagged 6 wins in their last 10 outings and are riding a one-game winning streak. Their home record stands at 15-8, while they’ve split their road games 11-10. They have won 11 day games versus 15 victories in nighttime matchups, tallying 200 runs scored against 153 conceded.

The Seattle Mariners, representing the AL West, rank 6th with a record of 23-20, converting to a .535 winning percentage, and topping their division with a 6-3 record. Like their rivals, the Mariners have taken 5 out of their last 10 games but are recovering from a recent loss. Their home advantage is 14-10, closely mirroring their road struggles at 9-10. Their success also skews towards night games, with 17 wins, in contrast to only 6 in day matches. In terms of runs, they’ve compiled 164 while allowing 156.

For those looking at the betting side, here are the odds for the game according to the latest figures: The point spread stands at -1.5 in favor of the Mariners. The total over/under is set at 7.5, indicating expectations of a moderately low-scoring game. The money line offers Seattle Mariners at -145 and gives the Kansas City Royals a +123, potentially making the Royals an interesting underdog pick for optimistic bettors.